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  • A Non-stop Method for Building Concrete Structures
    The slipform technique of construction allows for the continuous pouring of concrete into walls of a structure and only stops when the full required height of the structure has been reached.
  • CAD Packages for Architectural Landscape Design
    The objective of this architect CAD software review is to provide insight about a few good architectural CAD packages out of the hugely crowded civil CAD market.
  • What is a Lacquer Based Paint?
    Lacquer is a colored coating that is frequently used to produce a shiny wood appearance. Lacquer types are nitrocellulose, and less often cellulose, which is expensive and produces an appearance that is not very attractive. Lacquer will be durable if suitable measures are implemented.
  • Safety Standards for Construction Equipment
    Though construction sites are a great place to work, construction workers face several hazards during their day-to-day work like equipment danger and accidents. In this post, you will learn more about the hazards and dangers of construction equipment when safety standards are not followed.
  • The Preventable Nature of Crane Accidents
    Crane accidents can be caused by mechanical failures or human failures in the operations of the cranes. Even the mechanical failures can be a result of improper supervision or maintenance and all point to lack of training and required attention to crane operations by field managers.
  • Construction Ambassador Definition for Engineers
    Construction Ambassadors, as the name suggests, are individuals with a passion for the field of construction. They can have many varied responsibilities, which can make it difficult to define exactly what they really do and to describe their job role precisely.
  • All You Need To Know About Concrete Expansion Joints
    All materials, including concrete expand or contract with the increase or decrease in temperatures. If suitable arrangements are not ensured for the expansion and contraction of concrete due to the temperature changes, cracks may occur.
  • Engineered and Natural Floor Coverings
    Various techniques are available for creating flooring using wood and wood-like materials. This article will help you to understand the difference in wood flooring vs engineered wood vs wood.
  • Environmentally Safe Blasting & Cleaning
    Surface cleaning by dry ice blasting is a very effective method with practically no clean-up required. Equally adaptable to sensitive and rugged surfaces, this is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly method. Read on to learn more about the process, its advantages and applications.
  • Preventing Carpenter Bee Structural Damage
    It takes quite a while for carpenter bees to actually cause structural damage to a building but if the extent of their damage does get to the structural level the cost to repair it could be substantial. If you catch them early though, the problem is easily remedied.
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